Local Church Initiatives

After School Education Program Equips Vulnerable Students to Succeed

Keyling is a student who has grown in self-confidence and improved performance in reading and math

The ORPHANetwork Local Church Initiative (LCI) After School Education Program (ASEP) builds upon the platform of health that our LCIs establish through nourishing meals and routine nutritional assessments. The purpose of the ASEP is to provide our children the skills and strategies needed to learn and advance in the public school system and break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

The broad goals of the program are to:

  • Increase student aptitude and capacity while developing their faith in Jesus
  • Improve student academic performance in reading and math
  • Improve facilitators’ (teachers) abilities in class management and creative teaching techniques
  • Educate parents regarding their responsibility to participate in their children’s development and educational success

Instruction takes place Monday through Thursday, 2 hours per day for a total of eight hours per week for the 2-3 levels (depending on needs) of instruction.

first meeting with parents of casa de mi padre.

The first parent meeting at Keyling’s LCI

Parent Involvement: 

The program strategically includes parents so that they can be empowered to take an active role in their child’s education. Parent workshops help parents learn how to support their children’s learning and parents have shared positive changes they’ve witnessed in their children, like better behavior and more self-confidence, since joining the program.



In 2016 the ASEP was piloted in 8 LCIs, impacting 300 students. In 2017, the program will reach 800 students in 16 LCIs. 



Innovative Program Empowers Hundreds of Moms and Teenagers

dsc_0345Our Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers is now serving over 440 women and teenagers in 32 Local Church Initiatives (LCIs) across Nicaragua!
The overarching goal of the club is to prevent the often irreversible cognitive and physical defects that are caused by chronic malnourishment during a child’s most formative years.
Mothers learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to provide proper nourishment to their babies and infants. The club also educates the women on their rights and provides strategies for protection from abusive partners, all the while inviting the women into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
According to the World Bank, Nicaragua has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Latin America – 1 in 3 teenagers will have a baby before they are 18.


Teenagers like Chelsea (on right) are also being reached through our clubs with information about preventing teenage pregnancies as well as how to protect themselves from sexual abuse situations.
Chelsea shared, “The club has helped me learn about the consequences of an early pregnancy on my life. I am grateful for what I am learning here and I want to help teach other teenagers.”
We are so excited for these women and teenagers who are not only being equipped and empowered with life-changing information, but who are also experiencing Christ’s love through their local Nicaraguan church.

Hillier Ignite & Zac Brown Band “Fired Up” Virginia Beach

M23A0011Last year Hillier Ignite wanted to expand their footprint into Rivas, Nicaragua and the first annual Ignite the Night Party was born. One month later 3,000 vulnerable children were being nourished through the local Nicaraguan church!

Hillier Ignite’s vision for a Hope and a Future for each of these children led them to pull out all the stops for this year’s second annual party and team up with the legendary Zac Brown Band. Together they Fired Up! Virginia Beach with a private concert that raised almost $200,000 for our children!

Thanks to this incredible night, not only will these children to continue to be nourished, but many of these Local Church Initiatives will launch deeper levels of holistic care designed to fight malnourishment and give children a healthy start in life. 

Thank you to Melissa J. Davis Photography and Kimberly Florence Photography for volunteering your time and talents to photograph the evening!

Music Sponsors with Zac Brown Band Before the Show

Friends Enjoying the Atmosphere and the Silent Auction

“White Carpet” Moments

Guava Jam – Opened and Closed the Evening


Luke Hillier Sharing His Heart for Rivas, Nicaragua

Hillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 303

Zac Brown Band Plays An Awesome Hour and a Half SetHillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 302


Hillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 304

Thank you Hillier Ignite, Chesapeake Bay Catering and Our ONET Volunteers for Not Letting the Rain Dampen Your Spirits!

Check out Hillier Ignite on Facebook or Instagram to see all photos from the unforgettable 2nd annual Ignite the Night event.

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