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Just $0.32 provides a meal to a vulnerable child from a local church partner in Nicaragua.


You want to make the world a better place, and we are here to help. Individuals, churches, and businesses partner with ORPHANetwork because they know that their investments will be stewarded wisely and produce life changing results for vulnerable and orphaned children in Nicaragua.

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Join the movement of people who are wiping out child malnourishment in Nicaragua every month.


Our investors are more than just “donors,” they are are agents of change who are serious about seeing lasting transformation in Nicaragua. We believe that the local church – with Jesus Christ at the center – is truly the hope of the world. All of our programs are supported by investors like you and facilitated by pastors and leaders at local churches in Nicaragua.

Our programs are working. Lives are changing. Will you join us?

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There is a bright future for Nicaragua where children born into poverty can have a future with hope!

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You have the power to transform a vulnerable or orphaned child’s life. Learn more about our strategies and choose one that aligns with your values.

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A vision or serving trip to experience and engage in our work first-hand is an experience like no other. Learn more about what a trip can look like for you.

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