A New Chapter for Our Orphanage Computer Education Program

Thanks to a generous investor with a passion for the impact technology can have on children’s futures,  our orphanage home partners’ computer labs have been drastically transformed. These facilities will set the stage for our children to gain the computer literacy skills they need to get good starter jobs in the growing Nicaraguan economy.

Casa Bernabe Veracruz

The existing computer lab at the Verbo Christian School was renovated and new computers and equipment were installed in June. The renovated lab not only benefits our children, but all of the children that attend the school as well.

Casa Bernabe Port

In mid-July renovations were finalized and all of the equipment was installed in a newly outfitted space at the Verbo Puerto Cabezas Orphanage Home.

El Canyon

Construction on the brand new lab began in mid-May and by July 16th, the facility was inaugurated and in use by our children. The children and the staff are overjoyed with this top-notch facility.

Arms of Love

In 2014, we worked with the orphanage home at Arms of Love to renovate and upgrade their existing computer lab. This investment into our computer program allowed us to purchase the additional computers needed for optimal student to computer ratio.


Katie Beasley

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