A Personal Testimony from the LCI at El Faro-Tipitapa

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We are excited to share this testimony that came in from one of our LCI Initiatives that is located at El Faro (The Lighthouse) Church in TipitapaNicaragua. Lesbia’s story is laced with the tragedy and darkness that is all too common in impoverished communities. We are grateful to report, however; that her story is also one of light, life, and ultimately redemption thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ and the powerful way He is working through the local church

to empower the poor. Please take some time to share in the celebration of what God is doing in Lesbia’s life – as well as the lives of thousands of other families in Nicaragua through our Local Church Initiatives.

Hello my name is Lesbia, and I am originally from Granada. I was raised by my grandmother because my mother gave me away and my father was out of the picture. I always worked and was never sent to school because there were no resources or will to make it happen. When I was 12, my grandma sent me to Costa Rica to live with my aunt. At 14 years old I had my first (sexual) experience with a young man with whom I had planned to spend my life. We had two sons together, Maycol and David, but then the young man quickly abandoned us.

My life changed in a way where I was feeling lonely so I took refuge in several vices. I was smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and selling crack cocaine which was the only way to help my family survive – selling drugs. At the time, I would consume the “bad” (unsellable) drugs, and (because) my kids were suffering, I decided to move back to Nicaragua when I was 18 years old. While in Nicaragua I became involved with a man who was physically and verbally abusive and we had a son, Isaac, together. Soon after that, he kicked me out and took Isaac away, and to this day I’ve not seen him again. 

My life continued to go from rough to worse. When I was 23 years old I became involved with a 50 year old man who took good care of me. He was responsible and cared for my kids, but soon after we got together I discovered that he was married with a family. I spoke with him about it and made the decision to separate myself from him, but I was already pregnant with his baby (my daughter Paola). As a single, 25 year old mom, I met a man, Leonardo, with whom I share my life now. We began working together in the Tipitapa dump-living off of the trash and recycling that we picked up. While we worked, my kids were alone in our home in the community of Cristo Rey Tipitapa.

One day, while we were working in the dump, someone told my husband Leonardo and I that there was a feeding program. I went to the feeding program with my children and they told us about the Lord Jesus, and I accepted Him into my life. Soon after I began attending the El Faro church, the pastor asked me where I worked. When I told him that I worked at the dump he asked me if I would want to work as a cook for the church’s feeding program, and with tremendous joy in my heart, I said yes!

Once I started working for the church and started receiving some economic help, my life started changing both spiritually and tangibly. I started serving in the church and now I am part of the worship team and I also work as a Sunday school teacher for the toddler and preschool aged kids. I am in charge of a program in my church that distributes milk to malnourished children. I am so thankful to God that I was introduced to La Iglesia El Faro Tipitapa (The Lighthouse church) because it is where I have grown and developed. Now I am praying that my husband would come to know the Lord and that we would live happy lives. We have had another daughter named Selchi who is 3 years old. I covet your prayers for our family.

Lesbia Granja

The road to El Faro Tipitapa

The road to El Faro Tipitapa

The Local Church Initiative at El Faro Tipitapa  serves 220 children daily

The Local Church Initiative at El Faro Tipitapa serves 220 children daily

Lesbia Granja with her children

Lesbia Granja with her children




  1. kyleclung | September 13, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    Sooooooooo awesome.

  2. Katy Bennett | January 27, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    I traveled to Managua and an area near Tipitopa in Nov. 2014. I was the travel companion of a missionary director for Advancing Native Missions. We were visiting Feed My Lambs, which is a small organization that has a feeding station and children’s bible school twice a week in a small barrio. I have met children living in terrible conditions. It is such a hopeless feeling to see these precious ones malnourished and desperately poor. I thought I was looking at big sisters carrying their younger siblings to the feeding station but was told these young girls were the mothers. Some of them could not have been more that 13. Very heartbreaking. THANK YOU for sharing this story. Stories of hope put wind in our sails to continue to work toward change for these precious families. Praise God for His faithfulness and mercy.

    • Ayuko | October 23, 2015 at 6:24 am

      What a day you had! Worshipping with other believers in a difeerfnt county or a difeerfnt state even is an amazing experience! Enjoy the memories you all are helping to create! Praying for you all!! A big hug to Jenna and Dale!!!


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