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Nicaragua is the poorest Spanish speaking country in the world. It is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti.


We are committed to financial integrity. We know that every dollar given to us is given because someone wants to help a child in need.


Meet the leaders behind ORPHANetwork working to bring a bright future for Nicaragua.

History and Philosophy
our mission

We were started by a high school youth group who was wrecked by their visit to an orphanage in Nicaragua in the mid-90’s. They went home and their lives were never the same. Led by God, they started to make a difference for the children through prayer and financial support.

Thus began ORPHANetwork – a network of like-minded churches and individuals who have God’s heart for social orphans.

Today we have grown to reach 20,000 vulnerable and orphaned children across the country.

Our mission is being lived out each day through our Network of partners and staff in Nicaragua and the investors who make their work possible.

Together, we RESCUE abandoned, abused, and orphaned children and place them in the care of our partner orphanages.

We PREVENT vulnerable children from becoming orphans through our Local Church Initiatives. We CREATE opportunities for new life for each child we serve. We SHARE CHRIST with everyone.

Our Vision

Each vulnerable and orphaned child would be raised to their God-given potential.

  1. We have total dependence on God’s guidance
  2. We have authentic relationships and work as a team
  3. We empower local leaders to solve local challenges
  4. We manage our resources strategically and with integrity
  5.  We execute our work with excellence and believe in continuously improving our strategies
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