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Nicaraguan Leaders

Eddy Morales

Country Director

A native Nicaraguan, Eddy was born in Puerto Cabezas. His post-graduate degrees in Social Management, Education, and Business prepared him well to invest his talents in improving life of his fellow Nicaraguans. “Together with the ONet team, I want to see these children develop their potential by responding to God’s call on their lives." His vast work experience includes serving as a consultant to the United Nations World Food Programme. Three pillars of strength in Eddy’s life are his faith in Jesus, his wife Claudia, and their son Mattias.

Dr. Janice Hebbert, MD, MPH

Medical Program Director

Janice was born and raised in Bluefields, Nicaragua and graduated in 2009 from UCAN (Christian University of Nicaragua) with a degree in medicine and surgery. Dr. Janice says it is a privilege to serve God through ORPHANetwork, "My passion and desire is to establish God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven."

Silvia Elena Ampié Hernández

Education Program Director

Mylvian Lopez, Ph.D.

Transition and Job Skills Training Program Director

Mylvian joined ORPHANetwork after six years of working as a high school computer and English teacher.  Mylvian says working with youth and university students is something that God has equipped him to do and he's happy to know that ORPHANetwork is a place where God has called him to contribute to and change lives. Mylvian received his Master's Degree in Management Systems for International Accreditation of Educational Processes in 2015 and he has also been a youth pastor since 2002. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his wife, Xuria and their young daughter, Elizabeth Mylviana.

Jazmina Almanza

Child Protection Center (Orphanage) Program Director

David Gutiérrez Reyes

SMART Missions(R) Director

Born in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, David's bachelor degree, in Finance and Global Business, has given him opportunities to work for non-profit organizations, independent businesses, and government institutions in Nicaragua. He has participated in projects  that develop business plans for small to medium sized enterprises around the most marginalized sectors in Nicaragua. "Today I strongly believe that God has given me the mission to proclaim His Kingdom and use my talents to serve His children and local churches in Nicaragua. It is a great honor to serve the Lord through ORPHANetwork." David is an active member of Verbo Christian Ministries; he has served the Lord as a musician on the worship team and also with the youth ministries.

Carlos Aguirre


Nolasca Solange Aguirre Morales

US Leaders

Dick Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

Dick came to ORPHANetwork from Willow Creek Community Church and Willow Creek Association. He joined Willow Creek Association International ministries to support the launch of The Global Leadership Summit and opening the Summit to countries in Latin America. His heart for serving the forgotten children of Nicaragua was born out of witnessing first hand their extreme poverty. Dick has been casting an exciting vision for ORPHANetwork since 2009 :  “Working with individuals and churches to make this happen is life-changing for all of us.”

Ted Draper

Chief Operating Officer

Ted Draper is ORPHANetwork's first Chief Operating Officer, COO. In this new role, Ted will focus on advancing our funding model through investors, Gift in Kind, and U.S. church partnerships as well as lead the Marketing, Communications and Human Relations Departments of the ministry.

Prior to joining ORPHANetwork, Ted worked for Avant Ministries as U.S. Director where he helped thousands of ministry partners engage through strategic gift and estate design planning. In his 10 year career with Avant, he also served as Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Development as well as Director of Public Relations and Media.

Ted and his wife, Kathleen, live in Virginia Beach with their four children. "I am humbled to be joining ORPHANetwork. With a clear vision for the future, the team at ORPHANetwork has experienced phenomenal results in their initiatives. I am excited to partner with them and God to see more lives blessed and transformed."

David Lucht

Volunteer Chief Financial Officer

In late 2017, David joined the ORPHANetwork team as Chief Financial Officer in a Staff - Unpaid position. He continues to serve on ORPHANetwork's Board of Directors, which he joined two years prior.

David has contributed his leadership at the board and executive management levels of Live Oak Bank in Wilmington, NC, since its inception in 2007. He was instrumental in launching Live Oak Bank's IPO and bringing the company public in July of 2015. David's approach to the identification and management of credit risk is one of the keystones of the organization.

When he first came to Nicaragua in 2010, David immediately became passionate about the work of ORPHANetwork. In 2014, he was baptized by Pastor Freddy of our Phase 2 Local Church Initiative (LCI) in Ciudad Sandino, an LCI for 210 children that David's family and his business partner have been faithfully investing in since 2010.

Peggy King

Volunteer Director of Program Excellence

Peggy has decades of experience in healthcare as a nurse and later in leadership positions at Amerigroup Corporation and United Healthcare.  Following a trip to Nicaragua in 2009 with her husband Rik, she felt called to use her talents and expertise to support ORPHANetwork's mission.  Peggy has been a part time volunteer staff for many years. Upon retiring from healthcare in March, 2017, she started her new adventure with our ministry in a full-time Staff - unpaid position.

Katie Beasley

Communications Director

In 2010 Katie felt a calling from God to go Nicaragua on her first short-term mission trip, but unbeknownst to her, God was setting the foundation for a future career. Two years later, Katie transitioned from her job as an elementary school teacher to join ORPHANetwork and serve the children of Nicaragua as Communications Director. Katie shares, "It is an honoring and humbling experience to be a part of what God is doing through ORPHANetwork."

Katie earned her BA in Communication Studies from Old Dominion University. She and her daughter, Llauren reside in Roanoke, Virgina.

Landon LoAlbo

Partnership Leader

Landon went down to Nicaragua for the first time on a short-term mission trip in 2016.  While there his heart grew for the people of Nicaragua and his love for the country, leading him to return for a month long stay the following year.   A 2018 graduate from Gardner-Webb University, Landon spent eight months in the corporate world before becoming the Partnership Leader at ORPHANetwork. Landon says "It is a privilege to work with ORPHANetwork and see how God is impacting Nicaragua through our US and Nicaraguan partners."

Landon lives in Virginia Beach, VA and is a volunteer YoungLife leader and volunteer wrestling coach at local high schools in the area.

Jamie Mras

Staff Accountant

Jessica Stachurski

Marketing Manager

Jessica earned her BA in Strategic Communications with a double minor in Business and Christian Ministry at Regent University. Her passion is to advocate for the oppressed, and she seeks to use her marketing and communications skills to be a voice for the voiceless in Nicaragua. Her personal mission statement reads: "I hope to glorify God and advance His Kingdom by helping people help people."

The Board

Ted Wille, Chairman

Retired, Chief Operating Officer AMERIGROUP Corporation

Naples, FL

Ted invested his talents in the world of healthcare for decades. With two Master's degrees and vast industry experience, he became Senior Vice President and COO for Amerigroup Corporation in the 1990s. After retiring from his successful career, Ted was inspired by his wife and pastor to go deeper with ORPHANetwork. Ted shares, "I felt God calling me to give back to those in need, to use my gift to make a difference in the lives of orphaned children."

Watch Ted's video from Nicaragua

John Pitzaferro

Founder & CEO, TransNational Payment Solutions

Chicago, IL

John is the Founder and CEO of TransNational Payment Solutions, an industry leading merchant account processor based out of Chicago, IL. The Chicago Tribune has named TransNational as one of the top 100 places to work in Illinois for multiple years.

John caught the vision and excitement around serving our children on his first trip to Nicaragua in 2010, and soon after TransNational became our first business partner. In 2011 John hosted Chicago's Party With a Purpose, an annual fundraiser that has since raised over $1,000,000 for the refugee community of Nueva Vida where we serve 1,200 children.

This video shares John's vision and calling to serve through 'My Well Ministry' which provides unparalleled financial services to ministries, churches and non-profit organizations.

Michael Freeborn

Partner, Freeborn & Peters, LLP

Chicago, IL

Michael is a Founder and Partner of Freeborn &  Peters, a 120-lawyer firm in Chicago, IL. He was prompted to join the ORPHANetwork board in late 2010 after visiting Nicaragua for the first time and being exposed to the work ORPHANetwork is doing in-country. He is continually impressed and excited by ORPHANetwork's commitment to break the cycle of poverty through Nicaraguan leadership.

Windy Mason-Leslie, MD

Pediatric Associates

Virginia Beach, VA

Simply, Windy has a passion and a heart for kids. Throughout medical school, residency and her early career she had aspired and prayed for ways to medically care for disadvantaged children through mission work. She made her first trip with OPRHANetwork to Nicaragua in June 2009.  Since then, she has felt God answering her prayer in even larger ways. Windy feels honored and grateful to be called by God to serve on the ORHANetwork board.

In addition to providing great insight to our Medical Committee,  she and her husband, Dr. Larry Leslie, routinely serve our children on SMART Missions® trips.

Watch Dr. Windy's video from Nicaragua

Lane R. Moyer

Shareholder, Vedder Price PC

Chicago, IL

Lane joined our board in 2012. He is a Shareholder at Vedder Price, a 300 lawyer firm based in Chicago, IL. He works extensively in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing transactions, commercial lending and general business matters representing both privately held businesses and public companies.

Lane became involved with ORPHANetwork through multiple trips to Nicaragua with his family. In-between these trips he was a co-organizer of two "Ticket for Life" fundraisers which raised money to ship containers of food to our partners in Nicaragua. Lane says, "I decided to get more involved by joining the board after seeing the tremendous impact ORPHANetwork is having in the lives of children." In addition to our board, Lane has also served on the Harper College Foundation Board and he was recently selected to serve on The Elders board of Willow Creek Church.

Watch Lane's video from Nicaragua

Tyler Tuite

Director of Corporate Strategy, CarMax

Richmond, VA

Tyler has been a part of ORPHANetwork since its inception, with his first trip to Managua in 1999. After earning a degree from the University of Virginia in 2005, Tyler joined the ORPHANetwork team full time and served as Executive Director until 2008. At that point, Tyler earned his MBA from the Wharton School and worked for the Boston Consulting Group as a Strategy Consultant for three years. Tyler is excited to return to his roots and be a part of the work the Lord is doing through ORPHANetwork. "I am humbled by the impact ORPHANetwork is having on people's lives in Nicaragua and couldn't be more excited to continue to serve the ministry as a Board Member."

David Lucht

SVP Risk Officer, Live Oak Bancshares Inc.

Wilmington, NC

David has contributed his leadership at the board and executive management levels of Live Oak Bank since its inception in 2007. He was instrumental in launching Live Oak Bank's IPO and bringing the company public in July of 2015. David's approach to the identification and management of credit risk is one of the keystones of the organization.

When he first came to Nicaragua in 2010, David immediately became passionate about the work of ORPHANetwork. In 2014, he was baptized by Pastor Freddy of our Phase 2 Local Church Initiative (LCI) in Ciudad Sandino, an LCI for 210 children that David's family and his business partner have been faithfully investing in since 2010.

In 2017, David began serving our ministry in an unpaid position as Chief Financial Officer.

Watch David's video from Nicaragua

Tedde Reid

Founder & Retired President, SEFA, LLC

Sun Valley, Id

Tedde joins our board after 30 years of visionary leadership at SEFA, Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance, LLC, a nationwide network of leading supply and equipment dealers and manufacturers.  Tedde and her husband, Jim, co-founded the company in 1986, which has grown to be one of the industry's leading foodservice buying, marketing and training groups. 

Continuously dedicating their lives to serving others and giving back to those in need, Tedde and Jim have served on the board of Living Water International, worked with World Vision in Zambia, Africa to build a hospital in a small community severely affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and since 2009 they have faithfully nourished as many as 800 children in Nicaragua through six ORPHANetwork Local Church Initiatives.

Tedde's entrepreneurial talents, international non-profit board experience and her genuine love for God's children in Nicaragua are just a few of the many gifts Tedde brings to our board.

G. Royden Goodson, III

CEO Warwick Mechanical Group

Newport News, VA

Royden is CEO of Warwick Mechanical Group, a commercial mechanical construction firm operating in eastern Virginia.

With over 400 skilled trade workers Royden knows the importance of vocational training – not only for the success of his business, but also for each of the families of Warwick’s employees.

As his business was recovering from the downturn in the American economy, Royden visited Nicaragua in 2013 and saw firsthand the devastating impact of the cycle of poverty. After that trip, WMG established a matching gift program to support the orphanage in Puerto Cabezas (Port). In addition WMG, with the help of some of its vendor partners, formed an industrial service company to house a welder apprentice program that provided jobs, income, and skills training for several families in Port.

In 2015, Royden worked with the Nicaraguan staff to set up a training program in Managua that utilizes professionally staffed training centers to train unskilled young people in basic welding skills. 

Watch Royden's video from Nicaragua

Rev. Michael Simone

Director Emeritus, Senior Founding Pastor

Spring Branch Community Church

Virginia Beach, VA

In 1993, Michael and his wife Gail founded Spring Branch Community Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 2000, he was called to create ORPHANetwork after experiencing God at work firsthand at the Casa Bernabe Veracruz orphanage in Nicaragua. As a Senior Pastor, Michael is passionate about helping "bring life and faith together." He has seen this passion realized in his congregation through their involvement with ORPHANetwork, and he is excited to see an integrated "faith and life" being realized in the children of Nicaragua.

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