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Each vulnerable and orphaned child would be raised to their God-given potential.


We exist to break cycles of poverty through the Local Nicaraguan Church. Together, we…

RESCUE abandoned, abused, and orphaned children,

PREVENT vulnerable children from being abandoned,

CREATE opportunities for new life for each child we serve,

SHARE CHRIST with everyone.

  • We have total dependence on God’s guidance
  • We have authentic relationships and work as a team
  • We empower local leaders to solve local challenges
  • We manage our resources strategically and with integrity
  • We execute our work with excellence and believe in continuously improving our strategies
History of ORPHANetwork

In the mid-nineties, a youth group from Spring Branch Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia walked into an orphanage in Nicaragua. Little did they know that one visit would change their lives and the lives of thousands of children living in Nicaragua forever.

These teenagers, completely wrecked by what they saw, started selling their CD’s, stereos and clothes to help the children in the orphanage. Their parents were amazed by the transformation and compassion of their kids, and decided to check out the orphanage for themselves.

Thus began ORPHANetwork – a network of like-minded churches and individuals who have God’s heart for social orphans.

Compassion for the poor that started in one orphanage has grown into an award-winning nonprofit that is seeing tremendous transformation in 15 out of 17 districts (states) in the country. Today, ORPHANetwork has grown to reach over 23,000 vulnerable and orphaned children on a daily basis. Our mission is being lived out each day through our network of local partners and staff in Nicaragua and the investors, churches and organizations who make their work possible.

  • We believe that success should not be limited for children in Nicaragua. There are so many bright children who share dreams of being successful in careers, marriage and life in Nicaragua — and we know more than 23,000 of these stories.
  • We believe the future of Nicaragua is bright, better and is being written.
  • We believe children should not live hungry. Children should be eating the right types of food, to nourish their bodies and brains so they can attend school, listen and understand.
  • We believe that every child should be given a proper education. Children should be able to read, write and do basic math. These are the qualities they will need to get and keep a job in the future.
  • We believe that success should not be defined by borders. Talent is global. Young adults should finish school and have the opportunity to work for a better future for themselves and their communities.
  • We believe that brokenness does not define individuals. Children who are born in a garbage dump should not be discarded as garbage. They are precious in God’s sight and were created on purpose and for a purpose. The dignity and respect each person holds should be given to them.
  • We believe there are ample resources in the world to tackle the biggest problems. When distributed intentionally and with focus, these resources can enable individuals to solve social issues.
  • We believe investors are valuable and they want to make a difference. Our commitment to being good partners translates into consistent communication, honesty and transparency.

“…the future of Nicaragua is bright, better and is being written.”

How We Accomplish Our Work

Believing that the local church is the “Hope of the World,” everything is done through the local church in Nicaragua. We identify successful national leaders and pastors who share our values and mission and get behind their work. We believe Nicaraguans must solve the problems of Nicaragua.

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