Blessing Mothers and Children through the Local Church

Yuneysi  has been attending the new Local Church Initiative (LCI) in La Dalia, Matagalpa for five months. This is what her mother, Yenling, shared about their experience so far :

As her mom I feel blessed because there are people who care about the children of the community. As her parents we did not have the money to provide a very nutritious meal to our daughter, just the basics (rice and beans). The medical team is often visiting the children so we are very lucky to have free medical care for our kids too.

She has learned a lot about Jesus through the Sunday school, that makes me feel proud of her because she is growing up under Christian influences. This has influenced us too, because now all of our family attends the church.

Yenling hopes her daughter will enjoy the benefits of the LCI for years to come and she looks  forward to growing in faith with her family.


Katie Beasley

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