8 Years of Partying with a Purpose

What a simple thing you can do to be the light in this world…go to a party!

-John Pitzaferro, Founder & CEO of TransNational Payments

Eight years ago, John Pitzaferro came back from a trip to Nicaragua wanting to make a difference in the lives of children he met there.

Eight years ago, ORPHANetwork partnered with TransNational Payments to transform the community of Nueva Vida, Nicaragua.

Eight years ago, the Party with a Purpose was born.

Now, eight years later, we’re still going strong. To date, the Party with a Purpose has raised over a million dollars that helped transform the lives of 1,200 at-risk children by providing over two million meals and effectively reducing malnourishment in Nueva Vida by 50%! But it’s not just the immediate needs that are being addressed — we also invest in these children’s future by teaching them valuable job skills that’ll help their families break the cycle of poverty.

Why is the Party with a Purpose so successful? Well, that’s because it’s more than a fundraiser — it’s really a party, and not just your typical one. It’s an evening where you can spend time with family and friends, dance to live music, taste delicious local cuisine, participate in thrilling auctions, win exciting raffle prizes, enjoy friendly game room competition and, most importantly, do all of this with a greater purpose!

This October brings our 8th Annual Party with a Purpose to Rolling Meadows, IL, and we plan to make it our most fun and successful one yet! Our event is open to all who want to experience an unforgettable Friday night and give hundreds of children something that’ll change their lives forever.

Check out the official Party with a Purpose website and watch the video below to learn more about how we make a difference, one Party at a time!

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Employment

We are so proud of our students that have recently transitioned into full-time employment! Education or technical training along with English, computer and life skills have prepared them for employment and independent, successful lives.

Please contact Jessica Mann if you are interested in providing Transition Program scholarship support to break cycles of poverty for our students.

Class of 2017 – Child Protection Center High School Graduates!

Verbo Casa Bernabe Puerto Cabezas Graduates, Merary and Anielka

Verbo Casa Bernabe Veracruz Graduates, Kimberly, Candida and Linda

Hogar de Fe Graduates, Genny, Rosa and Shelley

Arms of Love Graduate, Reyna









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