Lives Redeemed in Bluefields

For so many of the children we serve at our Local Church Initiatives, “love” is tough concept to grasp.  Growing up in the harsh realities of living below the poverty line, can make it hard to understand that there truly is a Father in Heaven with an infinite love for each of us.

At Pastor Ed’s Local Church Initiative at Verbo Bluefields, he and his staff welcome 185 children to the church each day. Read More


Thirty Baptisms at Casa Bernabe!!

What a joy it is to share the glorious news that 30 children at Casa Bernabe accepted our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into their lives and were baptized last week.  The pictures speak for themselves, but just imagine the happiness of the children’s caregivers in seeing so many of the children they love and support day in and day out make the most important decision of their lives. Read More

Toys for (our Nica) Tots

The U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Marines brought Christmas presents to our children under the Toys for Tots program. Children from Hogar de Fe (pictured below), Casa Bernabe, and El Canyon orphanages were all treated to a visit from Santa and a new toy for Christmas.  What a blessing, both nationally and internationally, the Toys for Tots program is for all of the children it serves. Read More

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