Hillier Ignite & Zac Brown Band “Fired Up” Virginia Beach

M23A0011In 2015, Hillier Ignite wanted to expand their footprint into Rivas, Nicaragua and the first annual Ignite the Night Party was born. One month later 3,000 vulnerable children were being nourished through the local Nicaraguan church!

Hillier Ignite’s vision for a Hope and a Future for each of these children led them to pull out all the stops for 2016’s party and team up with the legendary Zac Brown Band. Together they Fired Up! Virginia Beach with a private concert that raised almost $200,000 for our children!

Thanks to this incredible night, not only will these children to continue to be nourished, but many of these Local Church Initiatives will launch deeper levels of holistic care designed to fight malnourishment and give children a healthy start in life. 

Thank you to Melissa J. Davis Photography and Kimberly Florence Photography for volunteering your time and talents to photograph the evening!

Music Sponsors with Zac Brown Band Before the Show

Friends Enjoying the Atmosphere and the Silent Auction

“White Carpet” Moments

Guava Jam – Opened and Closed the Evening


Luke Hillier Sharing His Heart for Rivas, Nicaragua

Hillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 303

Zac Brown Band Plays An Awesome Hour and a Half SetHillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 302


Hillier Ignite Zac Brown Band July 304

Thank you Hillier Ignite, Chesapeake Bay Catering and Our ONET Volunteers for Not Letting the Rain Dampen Your Spirits!

Check out Hillier Ignite on Facebook or Instagram to see all photos from the unforgettable 2nd annual Ignite the Night event.

Workforce Training for 22 Transition Students

Whether they are enrolled in English or vocational programs, working on their undergraduate degrees, or actively searching for jobs, our Transition Program exists to provide a hand-up to our children navigating their way through the new realities of life as an independent young adult.

22 Transition Students just completed a two-day Workforce Training Program hosted by the Job Ministry of the Nicaraguan Government. The training assessed skill-sets and helped students identify careers that are a good fit for them as well as reinforced their understanding of the hard work involved in achieving their career goals.

Our Proud Certificate Holders!

Collaborative partnership nourishes 6,500 children


After eight years of travel to Nicaragua through church missions trips and serving as director of development with our global partners at Stop Hunger Now, Chessney Barrick Pullen felt God calling her to do more to serve His children in Nicaragua. Being the strong woman of faith that she is, she took a gigantic risk of leaving a stable and successful career and venture out to start a non-profit organization to directly benefit children, families and communities in Nicaragua.

Chessney with her pal Melody

Chessney shares this in her Founder’s Story, “Each time I visited Nicaragua I had a different experience with a different child that left a lasting impression.  I challenged myself to consider making a decision on how I was going to commit both professionally and personally to this cause.  I went from thinking about it to doing it.”

In our first year of collaborative partnership, Fill the Bowls has partnered with ORPHANetwork to launch four communities serving over 300 children with life-changing holistic care through our Local Church Initiatives. Each of these communities are located in Matagalpa, one of the least food-secure regions of the country. Additionally, the organization has nourished 6,500 children through daily feeding programs in the region as well. 

This past May, Chessney and Board of Directors Member, Lee Warren, made their first Fill the Bowls Discovery trip to Nicaragua. Our Nicaraguan staff provided a warm and enthusiastic welcome and they presented our strategic plans to break the cycle of poverty through nourishment, education and job skills training. Then they headed off to Matagalpa to engage with our partners and build relationships. Check out this trip summary to dive deeper into our collaborative partnership.


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