Yessica’s Journey

Tragically, Yessica Ramsin’s mother died when she was a young girl and although he would take no responsibility for her or her brother’s care, her father soon passed away as well. Loving grandparents tried to step in and care for them, but they were in failing health and too poor to provide much more than the abundant love in their hearts.


Then at the tender age of 13, she and her younger brother were embraced by the Arms of Love (Brazos de Amor) Orphanage Home.  There she received food, clothes, shelter, education, and was nurtured by the caregivers, teachers, psychologists and social workers who give their all for the children they serve.

Yessica Ramsin

Yessica receiving a computer literacy certification this Spring


Fast forward to today and Yessica is 23 years old, just completed her thesis in Pharmaceutical chemistry and has begun working in a pharmaceutical lab!  Two of our “Seven Targets” for the children growing up at our partner orphanage homes, English and computer skills, gave Yessica an edge over her competition and helped her land her first job!


Yessica is a Christ Follower who for many years had been asking God to show her how he could use her for His will.  “I really want to take advantage of the privileges that God has given me and use them to serve Him.” She distinctly recalls the moment she heard from God during church service on August 30, 2015, “It was beautiful. We were praising God and I felt a warm embrace, very close to my heart and an uncontrollable smile grew from ear to ear on my face. At the end of the service I talked with my pastor and he told me “Yes, God has a ministry for you.” This was exactly the truth that I had been searching for.” Yessica has been actively and passionately involved with her church ever since.

US Ambassador Visits Our Children

For four consecutive years, the US Ambassador has visited our partner orphanage home, Hogar de Fe, just before Christmas.

Newly appointed US Ambassador, Laura F. Dogu, continued the tradition this year with her first visit to the Orphanage.

The day was celebrated with a U.S. Marines Toys for Tots gift giving ceremony and Christmas concert performed by the talented kids at Hogar de Fe. 


Holy Ground – A Letter From the Field

 “take your sandals off your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” –book of Exodus 3:5 (the Lord speaking to Moses)

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade the presence of God. The world is crowded with Him. He
walks everywhere incognito.” 
C.S. Lewis

I could see the emotions welling up in his throat though the event was more than a decade past already. It seemed to be a swirling mix of anger, sorrow, and guilt and one couldn’t predict which would surface from each coming word. He was retelling the story of the first time he had seen his mother since she abandoned him when he was two years old. When this women that he did not remember entered the room, he looked at her with pure rejection and said, “You’re not my mother.” The 8 yr old boy then retreated to the corner of the room and stared in the other direction. The mother sat quietly for several hours hoping that her son would open up to her, but his pain was too great, the wounds too deep for such a young boy to manage. As the young man, who is now in his 20’s, told this story around the camp fire it was clear to me that he struggled to reconcile rejecting his mother’s visit that day.

Strangely enough, through the emotions began to spring a story of hope and redemption. During those times he confessed that God had brought him to a place of love and safety in the orphanage. It was in this place that he learned to pursue God and believed that God had a good and perfect plan for his life. Today he is in a trade school to become a chef and plans to open his own fast-food restaurant in the future.

As part of The Life Church’s missions trip in January, we had taken about 10 of the oldest young men from the orphanage out to a riverside park of sorts. We swam, played soccer, and grilled chicken. We concluded the evening with a time of sharing life stories around a fire. Many of the young men shared heart breaking stories. All had come from broken families. One of the young men was proud to share that he had visited his siblings over the Christmas break and that three of them had committed to follow Jesus because of his testimony of a changed life. They had all been astonished by his new way of faith and his knowledge of the bible; all a testimony to the ministry of the orphanage.

In Exodus 3 when Moses saw a bush along his path and noticed that it was on fire, and yet was not being consumed, he turned his direction and went to observe it. It was Jan 2016 “Holy Ground” there that the angel of the Lord told him to take off his sandals because he was standing on holy ground. That night I listened to these young men share how they had come from such terrible situations, and that in this place of safety and love in the orphanage they had been transformed by a God who sees them and who loves them.

When I heard that this healing had allowed them to birth hopes and dreams for their lives as they follow God, I realized that I was standing on holy ground. You see, there was nothing holy about the ground where Moses stood on that mountain, nor was there anything holy about that sandy river bank. But why both would be declared holy ground is because it was the place in which God was revealing himself and the transformation that occurs in all of us when we submit to what he is doing. From that ground God commissioned Moses to free the Israelites from Pharoah, and from this place God is commissioning these young men to break the cycle of poverty and spiritual oppression in their families and their communities. And so I took off my sandals…

For the sake of the Kingdom,

Dustin Holliday

Verbo Puerto Cabezas


A Testimony of Blessings from Matagalpa

Pastor Rene Valle’s Life Changing Local Church Initiative is helping to bless and nourish children in body and soul.

The letter below was written from Juana, a mother of two children this newly launched Matagalpa LCI serves – and has been translated and edited only for grammar.

My name is Juana Pavon and my husband is Mr. Domingo Tellez.

Through this letter, we give our testimony that we are parents of two children; Samari Ruth and Saul Antonio Téllez.  

They are benefiting in the feeding program in our community. Our children are receiving food 5 days a week, and on Tuesday, they receive biblical teachings.   All of this has become a great blessing for our family as we are unable to purchase this type of lunch that our children are receiving, plus our well-fed children get sick less and have raised their grades in school, while our daughter is on academic excellence from
receiving better food

Today we have this great help where many of the children here are receiving food and they are learning biblical texts. The worship from the children shows what they are  learning from the Bible.

Also, this coming year, the children will receive English lessons for the first time in this place. They will receive academic reinforcement for English and for the brothers who can not read or write, they also will be learning from the pastors and brothers at the church through the children’s teachings at the feeding program.

We are very grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ, for ORPHANetwork and the Abington family that have helped us to be blessed. You are in our prayers.

Blessings in the name of Jesus.

His sister Juana Pavon and husband.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.