Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers




Believing the Local Church is the Hope of the World, and realizing we could prevent children from ever becoming “orphans” we began our first feeding program in Nueva Vida in 2005.  In 2012 our Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers was piloted in Nueva Vida .

Today the Club is active in 20 different communities across various parts of the country.

Through these programs ORPHANetwork, along with our network families and community investors, have been able to not only meet the needs of children and help build stronger parenting skills.  This has allowed us to accomplish great works, including :

  • Delivery of 470 bottles of multivitamins for pregnant women and infants to prevent low birth weight.
  • 56% of women received fortified rice to prevent the birth of children with low weight.
  • 100% of children are born with good weight.
  • 39.4% of women who are part of the Clubs have established a personal relationship with God by accepting Christ as their Savior.
  • 68% of women who are part of the Clubs have joined a local church

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This year the Clubs culminated with retreats to celebrate the mothers, God and the valuable learning that’s taken place.  The retreats were held in three areas: Leon, Managua and Jinotepe with the participation of 290 women.


Meet Massiel, just one of many woman who were impacted by this program.
Click here to read her story.
Your efforts help us Support a Community and keep vulnerable children off the streets and out of an orphanage.  Thank you for your continued support.



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