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ORPHANetwork’s programs exist to empower vulnerable and orphaned children to break cycles of poverty. 

We are currently partnered with more than 200 Local Church Initiatives (LCIs) throughout Nicaragua – spanning from the east coast to the west coast in 15 of 17 departments (states) in the country. This initiative empowers the local church to reach its community for Christ through holistic tools, promoting health and well-being, educational reinforcement and job skills training. 

Our orphanage home (Child Protection Center) partnerships are with Christian organizations. ORPHANetwork supports them with funding for necessities – shelter, food, education, clothing and supplement that support with English, computer and life skills that open the door for entry-level jobs. 

The Transition Program walks alongside teenagers from our orphanage homes, as well as a select group from our LCIs, as they transition into independent and spiritually surrendered lives. 

“Everything we do is done through the local Nicaraguan church”


We are focused on stewarding our investors’ gifts to create the largest impact possible for the children that need our help the most. For that reason, we will only enter into a new community partnership that meets this criteria:

  • a minimum of 75 children
  • 17% of the children under five-years-old are chronically malnourished
  • access to a clean water source

Success is only possible with the Lord’s blessing and our investors who get behind our work to provide vulnerable and orphaned children with Hope and a Future.

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More than 18,000 children and adults have come to Christ since 2012.

For the past seven consecutive years, 100% of the eligible students in our partner orphanage homes graduated from high school.

In 2019, our After School Education Program rapidly expanded to reach nearly 1,200 children in 29 communities.

Over the past two years, more than 200 jobs have been sourced through our job skills training program. Young adults in our Transition Program have been placed in xxx internships and xxx have gotten good starter jobs.

In 2018, we declared victory over malnourishment in 23 communities of abject poverty.

Investor Impact

Everything we do in Nicaragua is measured and reported back to investors on a bi-annual basis. The image on the right is the first page of a report provided to an investor. We often share reports via video as well. 

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