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Program Partnership Model:
Local Church Initiatives

ORPHANetwork’s exists to break cycles of poverty in partnership with the local Nicaraguan church for vulnerable, impoverished and at-risk children.

We are currently partnered with more than 350 Local Church Initiatives (LCIs) throughout Nicaragua – spanning from coast to coast in 16 of 17 departments (states) across the country. This initiative empowers the local church to reach its community for Christ through holistic tools, promoting health and well-being, educational reinforcement and job skills training.

Individuals, churches and businesses partner with ORPHANetwork because they want to make the world a better place. They know that investments in ORPHANetwork will be stewarded wisely and produce life changing results for vulnerable children in Nicaragua.

Breaking Cycles of Poverty

Our investors and partners are determined to break cycles of poverty in Nicaragua. The cycle of poverty exists when external and emotional factors hinder a person from proper development and becoming all that they were created to be.

If a child is not properly nourished by the time they turn age five, the impact of malnutrition will hinder them for the rest of their lives. Their bodies and brains will not fully develop, which leads to difficulties focusing and advancing in school. The majority of children in Nicaragua do not even finish the 6th grade. With this lack of education, job opportunities are scarce. Without a job, adults are unable to provide for and nourish their own children, perpetuating the cycle of poverty for generations.

The programs provided at our Local Church Initiatives target these factors in order to break generational cycles of poverty–giving the Nicaraguans a better life on earth and in eternity with Jesus Christ.

Our Programs
Platform of Health
After School Education
Job Training
Leadership Development
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