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Our Child Protection Center partnerships officially ended at the close of 2021. In 2022 we are honoring our long-standing partnerships by donating Gift-in-Kind food to aid in their continued care of the children they serve.

You can watch our Town Hall segment when we first discussed the reasons behind ending our partnerships, or read the full letter of explanation HERE.

If you are a child sponsor and have questions about your support, please contact us.

The King Family

Rik King met Jorge on a mission trip around 2010. Jorge was a shy teenager who he engaged with and would quickly come to learn, was a very intelligent young man. Jorge had dreams for his future, to finish high school and become an engineer. Rik and his wife Peggy felt called to walk alongside him just as they would one of their own children. Their sponsorship kept lines of communication open while annual serving trips allowed time to nurture their relationship and even meet his father.

The Kings encouraged Jorge through times of uncertainty with his career and always told him they believed in him. Today Jorge is an independent adult, working for a large import/export company in Managua and keeps in touch with Rik and Peggy regularly.

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