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The 'Why' Behind Our Investors
Kevin and Lilly Franz

The Franz family’s partnership began after a vision trip when they felt God calling them to support one community of vulnerable children. Today they invest in seven communities, serving 446 children. Additionally, Kevin’s business donates printing services to ORPHANetwork.

“Being personally involved with ORPHANetwork strengthens my faith and grounds me. I have used trips to Nicaragua to help expose my sons to the great need and as a witnessing tool for my friends and employees.”

– Kevin Franz, President, Envision3

Family influence

“Our entire family has grown as a result of our involvement with ORPHANetwork. The trip to Nicaragua really opened our eyes to the needs we might be able to help meet. As a result, our commitment to the communities and families we serve there has become our family’s mission. We speak often to friends and colleagues of our experience and the joy it has brought to us.” – John Chapman, CEO, Clearwater Capital Partners

Invest Connect

“Nothing, other than our own children and our own church, is more important to us than this work.”

– Doug Gober and Victoria Amato, New Orleans


A Business Partner with ORPHANetwork engages their entire company – their experience and skills, employees, and organization – with a partner or community in Nicaragua. This commitment to build into the ministry of ORPHANetwork in Nicaragua is hallmarked by flexibility, customization, and tangible results. ORPHANetwork utilizes the skills and specialities of the business partner to change lives in dynamic, large-scale ways across Nicaragua.

Engage your company
After returning from a vision trip to Nicaragua in 2010, John Pitzaferro knew he needed to do something to help the kids he met. His solution? Throw a Party! Each year since, Party with a Purpose has brought together 400+ people for awesome live music, great food, games, auctions, raffles, and fun.

John and Stacey Pitzaferro, their family, and John’s business (TransNational Payments), are absolutely committed to seeing communities transformed by supporting their most important resources (THE CHILDREN!). In addition to owning the cost of the feeding and medical care, John, family, and TransNational staff have routinely visited both to check up on the kids (literally participating in their medical care) and learn more about ORPHANetwork and their work in Nicaragua. 100% of Party with a Purpose proceeds fund programs that provide daily meals, medical and holistic care to thousands of at-risk children in Nicaragua.

Key Business Partners
Church Partnership
St. Thomas' Church

Hamilton Smith decided to visit Nicaragua through the encouragement of one of his parishioners. As Smith launched St. Thomas’ Anglican Church, he wanted his parish to be involved in engaging lives locally and globally.

St. Thomas’ Anglican connected through video correspondence with a Local Church Initiative in Nicaragua. The two churches formed an instant bond and began praying for each other. Within a few months Pastor Hamilton greeted the Local Church Initiative’s Pastor, Jose, in Nicaragua. For the next few days members from the South Carolina church and the Rivas church worshipped and served together, building the kingdom. “We learned so much from our friends in Nicaragua,” shared Smith. “This trip only solidified our desire to be part of what God is doing beyond the four walls of our church and especially in Nicaragua.”

Our partnership with
Eagle Brook Church



SMART Missions®

SMART Missions® views poverty alleviation as providing a hand-up to the materially poor rather than a hand-out. It is a strategic transformation of global missions and serving, accomplishing the following for Nicaraguan community partnerships.

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