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The Hotchkiss Family and Grace Family Church

John, a husband, father, businessman, actor, screenwriter, and a follower of Jesus, had heard about ORPHANetwork through family connections. When the Hotchkiss family arrived in the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world, they were surprised at the professional operations of ORPHANetwork.

“The work operated as a business. The team had goals, objectives and metrics to measure how the holistic feeding programs were making children healthy. The nurses (CDAs) were using tablets to record and measure child nutrition information. The leadership was meeting with church pastors regularly and frequently,” Hotchkiss reflected. “Operations were running effectively and everyone was performing to defined tasks.”

The entire family traveled to Nicaragua already having experienced mission-trips in other countries. Yet, ORPHANetwork stood out as an investment. Citing Philippians 4:17, John wanted to share his investment with his local church.  When John and his family invested in ORPHANetwork, they directed their funds through their local church to facilitate God’s work in the church in Nicaragua.

Before receiving the investment, his church leadership in Tampa had to review ORPHANetwork. “The more we researched the ministry, the more impressed we became,” shares Brent, the Global Missions Director in Tampa. Not only did we agree to help John, as a corporate body of believers, we began investing in the work as well. “While we send money to help the church reach its community, we also share our leadership talent and what we have learned to help ORPHANetwork’s local partners,” Brent explained. “Not that we have figured it out, but we have a very talented staff who are sharing with pastors in Nicaragua lessons learned and ideas that are working for us. It is our hope that some of what we have learned can help advance the local Nicaraguan church.”

Because John approached his own church to connect them with his vision — the work now expands. The church in Tampa is excited about what God is doing in Nicaragua. John has been able to see his desire for influence in Nicaragua expand exponentially by engaging others into the work with him.

Nicaragua 2019 : Brent Altman, Global Missions Director and Jeanna White, Children’s Ministry Pastor of Grace Family Church

Nicaragua 2017 : Dr. Karin Hotchkiss in the kitchen of a Local Church Initiative

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