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The King Family

Rik King met Jorge on a mission trip around 2010. Jorge was a shy teenager who he engaged with and would quickly come to learn, was a very intelligent young man. Jorge had dreams for his future, to finish high school and become an engineer. Rik and his wife Peggy felt called to walk alongside him just as they would one of their own children. Their sponsorship kept lines of communication open while annual serving trips allowed time to nurture their relationship and even meet his father.

The Kings encouraged Jorge through times of uncertainty with his career and always told him they believed in him. Today Jorge is an independent adult, working for a large import/export company in Managua and keeps in touch with Rik and Peggy regularly.

Goals for the children

We believe if a child can successfully reach these goals before they reach an age of independence, then they will not repeat the cycle of poverty. In fact, we believe they will be key contributors to the transformation of Nicaragua.

1. Christ Follower – We believe a relationship with the Lord is pivotal to transforming a child’s life.

2. Speak Conversational English – Our children learn to speak conversational English because it opens doors for employment.

3. Computer Literate – Equipping our children with basic computer skills tremendously enhances opportunities for their future.

4.Life Skills and Education – Possessing life skills and receiving a good education prepares children for independence.

5. Good Starter Job – We help our teenage children find entry level employment through our Transition Program.

6. Active part of a Local Church – Being part of a church body fosters spiritual development and helps to secure a faith-driven life.

7. Give Back to Others in the Orphanage Home – Older children are encouraged to ‘give back’ by becoming tutors, mentors, and paving the way for other children following in their footsteps.

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