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Vision Trips

Initially hearing about ORPHANetwork through her church, Stephanie Clark, a successful business leader, started attending mission serving trips to Nicaragua. With a passion to make a difference in the lives of the children in Nicaragua, Stephanie advocates for ORPHANetwork and other causes in her community. Stephanie and Lee Clark are so engaged in the work in ORPHANetwork, they are now leading trips with their business associates and friends, introducing these guests to the good things happening in Nicaragua.

While leading a customized trip to Nicaragua, built around the Clarks’ personal interests and investments, the participants gain a full understanding of the investment opportunities and the results these gifts will bring to the children’s lives.

Investor Serving Trips

Invited to Nicaragua by a friend, Tony Orsini had heard the stories of poverty. He had seen the pictures of children living in garbage dump communities, where electricity was expensive and opportunities were scarce. Yet, his friend, John, encouraged Tony to join him as he visited those communities and found hope.

Tony was ready for an adventure but had no idea what God had in store for him. One evening after visiting local churches in Nueva Vida, a former refugee community, Tony shook hands agreeing to support the leaders and 1,200 children in the community. Orsini, a business owner is fulfilling that commitment. Beyond sending money through ORPHANetwork, Orsini travels to Nicaragua often. He has helped create medical solutions and inspires the youth of Nicaragua to dream big dreams. Teaching the students and pastors about entrepreneurism, determination and grit, Orsini has inspired hundreds to become great leaders.


First, we want to expose you to life in a developing country because there is such a striking contrast to our lives here in the United States.

Next, during your time in Nicaragua we will engage you with the poor because as Mother Teresa said, “The poor are Jesus in his most disturbing disguise.” We want you to look into the eyes of Jesus and even hold His hand as He welcomes you into his humble surroundings.

Finally, as a result of your exposure and engagement with the poor, we want you to be inspired as to how you want to join us on this journey.

What does an investor vision trip look like?

What does an investor serving trip look like?

SMART Missions®

SMART Missions® views poverty alleviation as providing a hand-up to the materially poor rather than a hand-out. It is a strategic transformation of global missions and serving, accomplishing the following for Nicaraguan community partnerships:

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1.Strengthens the vision and mission of the community being served by affirming and equipping the assets of the community rather than replacing or ignoring them.

2.Leads to significant and tangible life changes in those who are sent to serve.

3.Both sides (Nicaraguan partners and US partners) learn and have the opportunity to learn from and teach each other.

4.Instills a mindset that learning is more important than doing.

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