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SMART Missions® teams

Nicaraguan leaders and youth are empowered to accomplish their strategic goals through SMART Missions® teams from our US partnerships. SMART Missions® teams are comprised of people with unique skill sets and experiences that can be utilized to develop current and future leaders. 

SMART Missions® Trip Participants are dedicated to both a pre-trip preparation and post trip process that will allow them to apply their experience to their daily life. The trip itself is not an “end” but just one component of SMART Missions®

“Providing a hand-up rather than a hand-out”

Resources for SMART Missions® participants

 ORPHANetwork’s Commitment to Trauma Informed Care

When Helping Hurtsby Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert, and explore the principles of “When Helping Hurts” through their Small Group Experience Videos.

Think about how you would define the word poverty, then watch this video.

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