Food & Hope
As Luna and Mama fetch water the next day, they overhear ladies talking excitedly. “They gave my children food to eat and even gave some of us a box of food to cook at home,” one lady shares. “And it didn’t cost you any money?” Another asks in wonder.

Mama looks at Luna with wide eyes, asking them, “Who is offering food? Is it open to all?” The first lady, Maria, says, “It’s a feeding program at the church I attend, and yes, everyone is welcome!” Luna sees a hopeful smile spread across Mama’s face.

Maria meets Luna and Mama later that day. They follow her to a humble church building. Luna hears children laughing and shouting as she steps inside. A man with a kind face greets them. “Maria, who are these special sisters you have brought today?” Luna’s face grows warm as Pastor José leans down and shakes her hand. “I’m glad you have come to our church. Maria can take you to get a bowl of food while Nurse Sofia talks to your mama.”

How do gifts of nourishment foster hope and fuel growth?
Poverty can be isolating, and finding help can be daunting. Luna’s journey to the local church opens the door to vital nutrition for her and maternal care for her mother. The Healthy Beginnings Program addresses the crucial needs of at-risk women, providing essential nutrients to pregnant mothers and ensuring healthier births. A baby shower gift provides a lifeline of basic necessities often out of financial reach and creates opportunities for women to connect and build supportive relationships.

Support Healthy Beginnings

Luna’s mama got vital support while she was pregnant, and when her son was born. Help at-risk moms deliver healthy babies, gain parenting skills, and learn how to support their baby’s development during their first 1,000 days of life.

Gift includes:

  • Health checkups
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Essential care for baby
$50 provides 1 year support

Baby Shower Bundle

Mothers in poverty rarely have basic items needed to welcome a new baby. Spoil deserving moms with a baby shower gift that will help provide many necessities for mom and baby.

$18 provides 5 bundles