Now you know my story. Yes, I’m Luna, and my family’s lives were changed in big ways because of God’s people and how they care for the most vulnerable. In each step of our journey, it was those people who saw us, loved us, and showed us that hope and new life are within reach. And for that, I’ll always be grateful.
You Have an Invitation to Change Lives, Just Like Luna’s.
Luna’s journey from a place of hunger and hopelessness to a life filled with love and purpose showcases the transformative power of caring for the most vulnerable. Each step of her remarkable journey was made possible by people who saw her, loved her, and extended a hand of hope. Luna’s story is a testament to the impact we can have when we support those in need, offering them sustenance and a chance at a new and hopeful life. For Luna and her family, the kindness of others changed their lives in profound ways, and the ripple effect of that love continues to touch countless others. Click on the items below to view details and make a purchase that will change lives and create a brighter future for vulnerable children and families like Luna’s.

Together, we can continue to spread love, hope, and transformation in partnership with the local church.

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Luna needed shoes that could withstand the rocky, dirt roads in the dry season and muddy, wet roads in the rainy season. You can provide a child with a quality pair of shoes to protect their feet on the journey to a local church partner.

$5 per 5 pairs

Supplemental Nourishment Kit

Luna went from malnourished to healthy and thriving because of the nutrition she received. Help a child get the nutrients they’re missing with a month’s supply of supplemental meals and vitamins that can be prepared at home.

Kit includes:

  • Rice for daily energy
  • Dehydrated eggs for protein
  • Specially selected multivitamins

Kits are curated by a licensed nurse to ensure optimal nutritional support.

$25 per child, per month

Health & Nutrition for a Vulnerable Child

Thanks to the feeding program, children receive meals that are yummy and stocked with the nutrients
they need to grow. Our nutritionists design menus using local ingredients along with soy-fortified rice.

  • 850 calorie meals 5x/week
  • Full access to health and nutrition support
$24 per child, per month

Teacher’s Supply Kit

Having a well-stocked classroom helps both teachers and students. You can provide a teacher with essential equipment designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

$36 per kit

Spiritual Development

Help churches share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Your gift helps provide Bibles and other Christian discipleship resources to local Nicaraguan churches.

$25 per gift

WASH Stations

Clean hands and cooking supplies help prevent the spread of a host of illnesses. WASH stations make water and soap accessible for our church partner’s feeding programs.

$180 per station

Job Skills Training

The job skills training scholarship helped Luna save up for her dream—going to nursing school. Extend a lifeline of opportunity to a young person with a one-month job skills scholarship. This transformative gift provides access to specialized training in fields such as sewing machine operation.

$47 per student, per month

Clean Water Barrel

A clean, accessible water source is hard to find in rural communities. Help children like Luna wash their hands and eat foods prepared with clean water from a safe water barrel.

$85 per 55-gallon barrel

Support Healthy Beginnings

Luna’s mama got vital support while she was pregnant, and when her son was born. Help at-risk moms deliver healthy babies, gain parenting skills, and learn how to support their baby’s development during their first 1,000 days of life.

Gift includes:

  • Health checkups
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Essential care for baby
$50 provides 1 year support

After-School Education

Ms. Elena and the After School Education Program gave Luna the support and confidence she needed to succeed in school. You can give that same opportunity with your gift to a vulnerable child.

Features of the After School Program:

  • Focuses on reading, math, and life skills
  • Includes a biblical worldview
  • Uses standardized testing to track progress

* Taught by certified teachers

$38 per child, per month

Baby Shower Bundle

Mothers in poverty rarely have basic items needed to welcome a new baby. Spoil a deserving mom with a baby shower gift that will help provide many necessities for mom and baby.

$18 provides 5 Bundles

Books for a Classroom Library

As a new reader, nothing is more exciting than turning the pages of a picture book. Help emerging readers by stocking their classroom with storybooks and dictionaries.


  • 20 storybooks
  • 3 dictionaries
$215 per classroom library

Monthly Salary for a Cook

Luna’s mama provided for her family with her cook’s salary. You can provide employment and support a church partner’s feeding program with the gift of this monthly salary.

$300 per cook, per month