Purchasable Gifts
Give the gift of hope with purchasable gifts below.

Supplemental Nourishment Kit

Kit includes: Rice for daily energy, Dehydrated eggs for protein, Specially selected multivitamins Kits curated by a licensed nurse to ensure optimal nutritional support.

$25 per child, per month

Clean Water Barrel

This 55-gallon water barrel is crucial for our church partners and ensures children and community members can enjoy meals prepared with safe, hygienic water, supporting overall health and wellness.

$85 per 55-gallon barrel

Support Healthy Beginnings Kit

Kit includes: Health checkups, Prenatal vitamins, Essential care for baby

$50 provides 1 year support

Baby Shower Bundle

Kit includes: Sanitary pads, Soap for mom, Soap for baby, Disposable diapers Your gift provides kits for five mothers and babies.

$18 provides 5 bundles


Each gift provides five children with a pair of sturdy, all-season shoes. These shoes provide protection and comfort and are tailored for the local terrain and weather.

$5 per 5 pairs

Teacher’s Supply Kit

Having a well-stocked classroom helps both teachers and students. You can provide a teacher with essential equipment designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

$36 per kit

After-School Education

Features of the After-School Program: Focus on reading, math, and life skills, Includes a biblical worldview, Uses standardized testing to track progress, Taught by certified teachers

$38 per child, per month

Books for a Classroom Library

Gift includes: 20 storybooks, 3 dictionaries

$215 per classroom library

Spiritual Development

Gift includes Bibles and spiritual development tools to local Nicaraguan churches.

$25 per gift

Monthly Salary for a Cook

Your gift provides a monthly salary for a dedicated cook. This supports a church partner’s feeding program and ensures they can continue providing meals for vulnerable children.

$300 per cook, per month

Job Skills Training

Scholarships provide: Technical skills training, Conflict resolution training, Budgeting, Interview skills, Resume preparation

$47 per student, per month

WASH Stations

Your gift provides essential hygiene support with WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) stations. Each station consists of 3-4 concrete sinks with faucets and provide accessibility to clean water and soap. These stations help prevent the spread of illnesses and support church partner’s feeding programs.

$180 per station

Health & Nutrition for a Vulnerable Child

Thanks to the feeding program, children receive meals that are yummy and stocked with the nutrients
they need to grow. Our nutritionists design menus using local ingredients along with soy-fortified rice.

  • 850 calorie meals 5x/week
  • Full access to health and nutrition support
$24 per child, per month