Break the Cycle of Poverty
Launch a peer-to-peer campaign to provide Job Skills Training, Computer Certifications, or Nourish a Child


What’s peer-to-peer fundraising? It’s a way for you to create your own fundraising project to raise money for a worthy cause — breaking the cycle of poverty for a child in Nicaragua.

For example, on your birthday, rather than having family and friends give you gifts, you can establish a GroupGive campaign instead—and have them donate what they would have spent on gifts to your campaign.

Or, how about if you are going to run a 10k race? Your GroupGive campaign can encourage supporters to donate a certain amount per kilometer.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

100% goes directly to ORPHANetwork (other than a minimal 2% credit card processing fee)—there are no fees paid to anyone!

Your efforts to raise $1,000 from a peer-to-peer campaign can support one of these innovative projects…

Provide a student a computer course leading to a certification by the Nicaraguan government, bringing them one step closer to getting a good starter job and Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

Send a student from a local church to a vocational training program. These programs are providing in-demand job skills that will break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

Nourish 5 children for 1 year or 1 child for 5 years. The human brain develops the most between ages of 0-5. You can prevent brain damaging effects of chronic malnutrition by nourishing children through our Local Church Initiatives. Healthy brains and bodies provide an opportunity for education and job skills that will break the cycle of poverty.

Nourish a Child

Provide Vocational Skills

Provide Computer Certifications


Sign Up and Create Your Project!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Click Get Started and you’ll be taken to ORPHANetwork’s GroupGive portal.
  2. Fill in your project name, project goal, and target date
  3. Email your friends and family with the link to and information about your campaign—encourage them to join in!
  4. Get the satisfaction of supporting and advocating for vulnerable children in Nicaragua.


Create a project, share the link, and start raising funds to help break the cycle of poverty for an orphaned or vulnerable child in Nicaragua.
*GroupGive is a product of Project World Impact—a company focused on helping nonprofits to improve their operations, raise funds, and increase visibility.

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