Hogar Puente De Amistad (El Canyon)

Hogar Puente De Amistad (“Bridge of Friendship Home”) is located in El Canyon, an impoverished community in the outskirts of Managua. Approximately 80 orphaned and abandoned children plus vulnerable children from the community who are cared for by approximately 20 staff members . The complex sits on 45 acres and includes 3 buildings.

The orphanage, along with two schools and a family feeding program, was founded by the German foundation Freudnsdiaftsbrike. In 2001 the Foundation formed a Nicaraguan non-governmental organization (NGO) entitled “Yes to Childhood and Youth” (known by the Spanish acronym SIANIJ) and signed title of the land and buildings over to the new organization. Today Freudnsdianftsbrike still provides 70% of SIANIJ’s funding with the balance coming primarily from ORPHANetwork.

ORPHANetwork provides support for English, computer, music classes in addition to operating expenses.

Quick Facts

Director: Cinthia
Staff : 20
Children : 72, ages 2-18
Location : El Canyon

Support Opportunity

If you would like to become a part of ORPHANetwork’s mission at El Canyon, find the child you’d like to sponsor, and click on their photo. To see their name and age, hover over the child’s picture.

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