How We Serve

When children have access to nutritious food and safe water, are equipped with education and life skills to rise up in self-reliance, they can THRIVE and reach their God-given potential.

ORPHANetwork works to break cycles of poverty in partnership with the local Nicaraguan church for vulnerable, impoverished and at-risk children. The cycle of poverty exists when external and emotional factors hinder a person from proper development and becoming all that they were created to be.

We are currently partnered with more than 150 local churches throughout Nicaragua – spanning from coast to coast in 16 of 17 departments (states) across the country.

Our church partners serve in communities of abject poverty, generating the greatest impact on four major conditions: malnutrition and undernourishment, low levels of education, inconsistent discipleship, and access toward economic independence.

The programs provided at our partner local churches target these factors in order to break generational cycles of poverty and create whole and holy Christ-followers


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Partner with 150+ churches in Nicaragua

Feed 15,000+ children 4,000,000+ nutritious meals

Assist 1,200+ women and teens of child-bearing age 

Educate 1,700 at-risk children, 98% primary school promotion rate

Train hundreds of young adults with employable job skills

Most importantly, more than 38,600+ decisions for Christ since 2012†

There is a bright future for Nicaragua — where children born into poverty can have a future with hope!


Joshua is 10 years-old

Joshua lives with his guardian foster father and his younger brother.

His mother had to migrate to another country to be able to send money home and provide for the family.

Unfortunately, this is common.

Joshua remains focused on his studies and his mother motivates him through video calls.

Since entering the After School Education Program in first grade, Joshua has had excellent attendance, participates in class, respects all his classmates, and is always looking to help others!

In his free time, he loves to play soccer with his friends and hang out with his classmates to tell stories.

Joshua can read with intonation, now understand what he reads, and practices daily readings for fluency and comprehension.

He can identify natural numbers up to 100,000 and geometric bodies, performs addition operations leading to the tens, subtracts by leading to the tens, practices multiplication and division exercises, and solves two-digit problems.

Joshua continues to grow his life skills, develop interpersonal relationships, critical thinking, and empathy among many more!

When asked what Joshua would like to be when he grows up, he proudly said, “I want to be a police officer!”

ORPHANetwork is working to give all children like Joshua the opportunity to pursue life paths based on their passions and potential.