James Madison University (NOF) Spring Break in Nica


The JMU Nicaraguan Orphan Fund team had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua from March 2nd-March 9th. It was one of the best weeks of our lives. We were able to spend the week building personal relationships with many Nicaraguan niños and were able to build unforgettable relationships with each other. We had amazing experiences throughout our time in Nicaragua. We were able to go to a local pool in Managua, Nicaragua with niños from the orphanage in El Canon on our first day. It was incredible to see the team members from JMU and the niños have an instant connection and they were able to teach each other so much, just from the first encounter. The rest of the week flew by. We were able to bring niños from El Canon to the movies and were able to go to church with them in their community the same day. We were also able to put on a hygeine workshop in the community and feeding center of Ciudad Sandino where we were able to pass out toothbrushes and toothpaste and experience the happiness the children shared when they received their toothbrushes. The JMU team connected instantly with children from Ciudad Sandino as well and were all so very inspired by their happiness, pure joy and love for each other.

Nicaragua has a special place in the heart of each team member from JMU and we have committed a lot of our time back at JMU to fundraising and spreading the word about Nicaragua and about our dearest friends and family from El Canon and Ciudad Sandino. We are thankful for ORPHANetwork and the opportunity they give us to return to Nicaragua each year, we could not function without them. The Lord is working wonders in and through the JMU Nicaraguan Orphan Fund Chapter and we are praying and relying on His guidance to doing more wonderous works in the future for the people we care so deeply for.

JMU Nicaraguan Orphan Fund



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