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David Lucht

David Lucht

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In late 2017, David joined the ORPHANetwork team as Chief Financial Officer in a Staff – Unpaid position. He continues to serve on ORPHANetwork’s Board of Directors, which he joined two years prior.

David has contributed his leadership at the board and executive management levels of Live Oak Bank in Wilmington, NC, since its inception in 2007. He was instrumental in launching Live Oak Bank’s IPO and bringing the company public in July of 2015. David’s approach to the identification and management of credit risk is one of the keystones of the organization.

When he first came to Nicaragua in 2010, David immediately became passionate about the work of ORPHANetwork. In 2014, he was baptized by Pastor Freddy of our Phase 2 Local Church Initiative (LCI) in Ciudad Sandino, an LCI for 210 children that David’s family and his business partner have been faithfully investing in since 2010.

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