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G. Royden Goodson, III

G. Royden Goodson, III

Newport News, VA

Royden is CEO of Warwick Mechanical Group, a commercial mechanical construction firm operating in eastern Virginia.

With over 400 skilled trade workers Royden knows the importance of vocational training – not only for the success of his business, but also for each of the families of Warwick’s employees.

As his business was recovering from the downturn in the American economy, Royden visited Nicaragua in 2013 and saw firsthand the devastating impact of the cycle of poverty. After that trip, WMG established a matching gift program to support the orphanage in Puerto Cabezas (Port). In addition WMG, with the help of some of its vendor partners, formed an industrial service company to house a welder apprentice program that provided jobs, income, and skills training for several families in Port.

In 2015, Royden worked with the Nicaraguan staff to set up a training program in Managua that utilizes professionally staffed training centers to train unskilled young people in basic welding skills. 

Watch Royden’s video from Nicaragua

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