Why The Local Church?

Bill Hybels, former Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, said for many years, “The Local Church is the Hope of World”. And when the local church has Jesus Christ at the center of the ministry, great Hope is provided to all who come to hear what is presented. Hybels has also said that, “Government will not solve our problems. Business cannot solve our problems, only the Local Church has the power to solve a person’s problems and those of a community.”

Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Community Church adds to this by saying that, “…even to the most remote village in Africa, you will always find a Local Church. There may be no government offices in the community, not even a post office. There may be no businesses in the town, but you will always find a Local Church there serving the people.”

Thus for ORPHANetwork, it only makes sense that we would partner with pastors of local churches to serve those who live in the garbage dumps, refugee camps and communities of abject poverty (less than $2 a day). That is where ORPHANetwork has put our “stake in the ground” to make our ministry impact.

The ORPHANetwork Model of Ministry

ORPHANetwork’s Model for Ministry is as follows:

  • We only work through the Local Church in Nicaragua. With rare exceptions, that being a few Christian schools, ORPHANetwork supports Local Churches who run the orphanages we serve or impacts a community for Jesus Christ through a Local Church Initiative.
  • We identify successful local Nicaraguan leaders and resource their efforts. Obviously we make sure we have a shared Vision and Values, but once that is determined, we get behind the local leader’s effort. How do you determine what a successful leader looks like? It is a leader who is ‘giving their guts” to impact their children in the community and will be successful to some degree, with or without, ORPHANetwork. That is the type of leader we want to get behind and resource.
  • We believe it is the Nicaraguans who must solve the problems of Nicaragua! ORPHANetwork loves to come along side and encourage, resource, consult, provide professional help, and more, but at the end of the day it is the Nicaraguans who must solve their own problems in order for the solutions to be long term and sustainable. To accomplish this, ORPHANetwork’s Country Director, Eddy Morales, who lives and grew up in poverty in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, takes point leadership for working directly with our Nicaraguan Partners.

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