Why Invest?

Why Invest in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a country of great hope and potential. ORPHANetwork believes that by investing in the children of Nicaragua a different future is available. Nicaragua, in the last few years, has had a growing economy. GDP growth rates of 4.5% are the highest in Central America. Because Nicaragua is the safest country in Central America, tourism is high and investment from foreign countries in the economy is growing. In 2014, Direct Foreign Investment in Nicaragua was $1.5 Billion. It was recently reported that Nicaragua is the 13th most popular country location for North Americans to retire.

ProNicaragua, is a quasi government/private enterprise, tasked with increasing exports to other countries and increasing foreign business development in Nicaragua. On their web site you can see a country that is very open to investments and creating an environment that is hospitable for business.

ORPHANetwork knows there are jobs being created and the children that ORPHANetwork serves have the potential to take those jobs. Our children coming out of our orphanage partner homes can take the entry level accounting, finance, customer service and computer jobs that are needed to support business. Our children can also take key positions in ministry, churches and other NGOs which will transform this country.

Why Invest in ORPHANetwork

ORPHANetwork is focused on results. Whether it is sharing the Gospel to reach children and their parents for Jesus Christ, wiping out malnourishment in communities of abject poverty or helping children graduate from High School in a country where less than 50% ever finish the 6th grade. ORPHANetwork is focused on stewarding the resources given to us to maximize the Kingdom impact made in the children we serve. This can be seen in Fund Raising and Admin percentages that have averaged less than 12% over the past 4 years or Malnourishment rates for our children that have dropped from 26% to 13% over the same time period. We have a Vision for a bright future for our children that includes the skills of speaking English, being computer literate and getting a good education. We are a ministry that operates with business principals understanding that without God’s Blessing we can accomplish little.

Read Our 2016 Annual Report – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Innovation to learn more.

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