Feeding Centers


Verbo Nicaragua was founded by a small group sent out from Guatemala 30 years ago (February 16th, 1980). It has since grown into 14 churches, ministries, and development projects. Currently, ORPHANetwork partners with Verbo to serve 2 orphanages and 5 feeding centers. Specifically, ORPHANetwork partners with Verbo Churches in Bluefields, Nueva Vida, Managua, Posoltega, and Muelle de los Bueyes through feeding centers for the children in the community.

ORPHANetwork feeding centers are designed to nourish children and establish the local church as the hope of the world. We envision our feeding centers accomplishing 3 strategic goals:

1. Nourishing children daily through a local church building.
2. Reaching through children to transform families in the local church.
3. The local church resourced with people, funds, and leadership to provide hope in the community.

Posoltega, Muelle de los Bueyes, and Managua Sur represent three of ORPHANetwork’s newest strategic sites of growth across Nicaragua. All three feeding centers were opened in mid – 2010, and host between 150 – 200 children daily at the local church building. ORPHANetwork is currently partnered with these 3 feeding centers for just under $1,500 a month for each separate program.

1. Posoltega – 150 Children
2. Muelle de los Bueyes – 150 Children
3. Managua Sur – 150 Children

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