La Chureca



La Chureca is the name for the Managua city trash dump. There is a community of approximately 1500 people that live in and survive off the trash there. Men, women, and children pour through piles of trash scavenging for anything of value. It is difficult to put words to the devastation that these families live in, but hidden behind the piles of trash is El Colegio de la Esperanza, the School of Hope. ORPHANetwork partners with the School of Hope, which educates and feeds over 350 children a day. Of equal importance is that this school keeps the children out of the treachery of a life digging through the burning trash. Meeting at the school on weekends, Verbo has planted a new church in La Chureca.

ORPHANetwork has also partnered with Love, Light, and Melody (LL&M) to have Dia de Luz (Day of Light), an annual concert in La Chureca. Hundreds of college students and volunteers enter into the darkness of a world of trash and shine Christ’s light for an entire day. As KC Dewey, Executive Director of LL&M, recalls the gathering, “We watched people of all colors, shapes, and sizes sweat, laugh, sing and dance as one family… and saw a glimpse of the life we were all meant for! A life where people stand together for one thing and one thing only… LOVE!”

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