Business & Ministry Partners

A Business Partner with ORPHANetwork engages their entire company – their experience and skills, employees, and organization – with a partner or community in Nicaragua. This commitment to build into the ministry of ORPHANetwork in Nicaragua is hallmarked by flexibility, customization, and tangible results. ORPHANetwork utilizes the skills and specialities of the business partner to change lives in dynamic, large-scale ways across Nicaragua.

Business Partners


TransNational – Party with a Purpose

CEO and founder of TransNational, John Pitzaferro returned from Nicaragua in 2010 knowing that he could do something to make a difference in the children’s lives that he’d just met. John says, “I was blown away by the positivity and faith in one of the world’s most neglected neighborhoods.” He considered his gifts and talents and realized he could throw a party that would raise money to feed and holistically care for the children in Nueva Vida.

For the past six years Party with a Purpose has raised over $1,000,000.00 to provide life-changing funds to care for our children. This video shows the impact that Party with a Purpose has had in the lives of the children and families served in Nueva Vida. Each year the party is such a success because they capitalize on the FUN in FUNdraising; each year surpasses the last in terms of entertainment, games. and incredible silent auction items. 

Party with a Purpose has become part of the culture at TransNational because John involves his entire team in all details of the event and their passion and commitment to the cause is what makes this event such a success.

Orsini Charitable Foundation

Orsini Healthcare

  • Funds the cost of healthcare for 1,200 children through the Orsini Medical Clinic in Nueva Vida and over 4,400 children through the Orsini mobile medical clinic. Thanks to the Orsini Foundation, four times a year our Nicaraguan medical team personally cares for these children. Two of the visits are for health assessments and de-worming treatments and they alternate with bi-annual acute medical care visits.
  • Dental Care is routinely provided for 1,200 children in Nueva Vida. On a visit to Nicaragua Dr. Becca Orsini, DDS, asked a group of about 80 children how many of them had ever seen a toothbrush before and only two of them responded that they had – can you imagine?! With the support of the Orsini Foundation, ONET began a partnership with an existing medical clinic in the community and today routine dental care is provided for every child that belongs to an LCI in Nueva Vida.

Warwick Plumbing and Heating

Warwick Heating and PlumbingAfter a vision trip to Nicaragua, CEO of Warwick Heating and Plumbing (WPH), Royden Goodson, came home fired up to get his company and his employees involved in supporting our children in Puerto Cabezas.

  • Matching Campaign – WPH set a goal of raising $24,000 where the company committed to an initial $8,000 and then Royden encouraged his employees to give through a matching campaign where WPH is matching up to an additional $8,000!

Gift in Kind Partners

stopHungerPartner         feedPartner

We are highly trusted partners of both of these organizations and because we’ve earned their trust through our Nicaraguan partners dedication and our work to ensure every life-saving meal is accounted for, we will ship 16 containers in 2015. We commit to covering the cost of shipping, which roughly averages $4,500.00, and these organizations give us over $70,000.00 of food – that’s almost $1,200,000 in value for our children in 2015!
Vitamin Angels         Soles 4 Souls

Other Partner Organizations

ONET investors come from ministries that challenge people to make an impact – then ONET gives them an opportunity to apply their skills and talents directly– not just ask for their money.


Orphan Care Organizations

hillierPartner orphanPartner holaPartnerbusMission partnreLamb partnerFund

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