Nicaraguan Churches and Orphanages

Nicaraguan Churches and Orphanages


Seven of our Local Church Initiatives (LCI) are located in Nueva Vida, a refugee camp created out of the destruction of Hurricane Mitch in 1998. Most families are still trying to recover from the destruction of their homes and loss of all of their possessions. In 2009, ORPHANetwork expanded from one to six LCIs and today we are partnered with seven local churches serving approximately 1,140 children. In 2011, Through a partnership with Chicago based Orsini Healthcare a medical clinic was opened to provide basic health care for the children from our seven partner LCIs in the community. In 2012 the children also began receiving regular dental care through a similar partnership with the Orsini family.


Jinotepe is located about 40 miles southwest of Managua. ORPHANetwork is partnered with two orphanages, three schools, and two LCIs. Jinotepe’s population is around 30,000 people and 30 percent of the population lives in a rural area. It is estimated that 80 percent of this rural population lives in extreme poverty. Dirt roads can become extremely muddy during the rainy season, which can make everyday travel, whether it be by foot, donkey, bicycle or car, very difficult.


The city of Juigalpa is approximately 85 miles east of Managua in the central region of the country. We partner with a Local Church Initiative serving 150 children in the area. Another 70 miles east of Juigalpa is the city of Muelle De Los Bueyes where we partner with a Local Church Initiative serving 180 children daily.


Puerto Cabezas and Bluefields, located on the East coast of Nicaragua, are much smaller cities vastly different from the West Coast culture. More racial and linguistic diversity are hallmarks of the cities, as well as increased poverty and unemployment. ORPHANetwork’s largest orphanage and Local Church Initiative partners are in Puerto Cabezas; the orphanage is home to about 100 children and the LCI serves 600 children. Bluefields is on the southeast coast and we support a Local Church Initiative of about 165 children there.


Located close to the Honduras border and about 135 miles north of Managua is the city of Somoto. We partner with a Local Church Initiative that serves 200 children in this mountainous and very poor area.


These regions are about 80 miles northeast of Managua, and are still recovering from the damaging effects of 1998‘s Hurricane Mitch. About 68% of the population lives in rural areas, and the regions have been identified to be some of the least food-secure in the country. In August of 2013 we began partnering with a “farm club” of 100+ churches to feed about 10,000 children through basic feeding programs. Similar to baseball farm clubs, we are vetting these church pastors to recruit top-notch leaders that we could launch to a Local Church Initiative level of partnership.


The Leon region is northwest of Managua, and we are vetting a network of 16 church pastors serving over 1,500 children through basic feeding programs.
In August of 2013 we launched our first “farm club” pastor in Las Characas to our 27th Local Church Initiative.

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