Meet Massiel – a Mother’s life forever changed

A Life Forever Changed…..

Massiel1“I had gone astray, but God got me out of the mud”

Massiel is 32 and lives in Villa Rotaria, Jinotepe. She is one of over 400 women who participate in the Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers through our Life Changing Local Church Initiatives.
Massiel shares with us that this is her fourth pregnancy and she is expecting twins. While attending The Club for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers she learned many new things that she never knew during her first three pregnancies.  She enjoyed participating in the club’s meetings and also enjoyed the rich relationships she developed with the other women in the club, however she’d not felt particularly moved to begin a relationship with the Lord.  It wasn’t until the year-end retreat held for the moms of the clubs, that she reconciled with God. Massiel says that since that day, He has changed her life, and she does not feel the same anymore.

Massiel said that during the program:  “I first felt the Holy Spirit enter my life.   I had gone astray but God got me out of the mud from where I was living and offered me a new life where I do not have to worry about the daily burdens.  You do not know the loads I’ve carried, crying inside.”

The clubs are proving to be a great success for Massiel and other women in the community.  Faithful participation of the mothers plays a significant role in reducing undernourishment for infants and young children and helps mothers make educated decisions about their children’s health. The clubs also serve an incredible role as an outreach method for the churches; to date, 275 women have accepted Christ through this program!

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