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When a hungry child receives a meal, they receive a tangible sign that they are loved by God.

Just $0.32 provides a meal to a vulnerable child from a local church partner.

Does Every Meal Really Matter?

For Jesus, Feeding the 5,000 was an act of love. Every meal was a message.

When you provide a meal for an impoverished child, the church is able to satisfy their spiritual hunger. Every meal you provide is delivered with Jesus’ love and His message of hope.

Our Nicaraguan church partners are eager to meet the needs of their communities and build relationships.

These kids are hungry for the love of Jesus, and together we can be His hands and feet.

What Does My Donation Do?

Your gift will guard 33,000 children from malnourishment and spiritual starvation.

We have 360 church partners engaged with children in the community and the food that has already been procured. We need your gift to ensure the food is delivered to the children.

That’s why we’re asking for your partnership at this critical moment — to help us cover the shipping costs so these kids can consume Jesus’ love.

Our churches are eager to share physical and spiritual nourishment to these children, to let them know they are precious to Jesus — and to us!

Why Now?

In many of the areas where ORPHANetwork operates, as many as 1 in 3 children are chronically malnourished. For the hungriest kids, these meals represent the loudest act of love.

Last year Nicaraguan churches were calling for help. We made a bold commitment to serve 10,000 additional children. Generous donors like you stepped in to meet the needs of the youngest victims of overlapping crises.

We stepped out in faith, expanded our ministry and generous donors like you were an answer to prayer. Please help us deliver God’s work in 2022.

Why Nicaragua?

In recent years, Nicaragua’s economy has been devastated in multiple ways. No matter how eager families are to work, there is simply a chronic lack of jobs and pathways to earning a living.

In times of crisis, hearts are hungry for Jesus’ love. The hungry children across Nicaragua are ready to listen!

Why ORPHANetwork?

ORPHANetwork specializes in forgotten children located off-the-grid where most other organizations can’t go. We believe that every child is precious in Jesus’ eyes. We strive to deliver hope to the most desperate children in Central America.
Jesus taught us by example that sometimes you need to leave the many to go and find the few. Together, we can deliver, Jesus’ message of love.

Jesus challenges us to go out of our way to make sure no child is forgotten. Together, these meals will send a message of His love to the “the least of these.”

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