Mission and Works


Each vulnerable and orphaned child would be raised to their God-given potential.



We RESCUE abandoned, abused, and orphaned children and place them in the care of our partner orphanages
We PREVENT vulnerable children from becoming orphans through our Local Church Initiatives
We CREATE opportunities for new life for each child we serve
We SHARE CHRIST with everyone

Our mission is being lived out each day through our Network, both our supporters in the states and our partners in Nicaragua.


How We Get Our Work Done:

1. We work with and through the local church believing that the local church is the “Hope of the World.”
2. We identify successful indigenous leaders who share our values and mission and get behind their work.
3. We believe Nicaraguans must solve the problems of Nicaragua.

We partner with indigenous Nicaraguans who are already working as Christ’s hands and feet on behalf of suffering children. We are excited to equip local Nicaraguan church partners to raise children up to new opportunities for life. We believe that children and their families encountering the good news of Jesus Christ – his love and his plan for their life – is central to everything that we do.


This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.