Arms of Love


Arms of Love in Jinotepe was ORPHANetwork’s fourth partner orphanage starting in 2009. It is a beautiful mountainside home to over 35 boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18. The main building sits close to the top of a large hill and looks out over the countryside of Southwestern Nicaragua. The land is so forested and hilly that Arms of Love built a four-stage zip-line on their property; so if you go for a visit, be sure to strap in and soar through the canopy zip-line before it gets dark! Just watch out for the occasional line of fire ants building their nests.

The children are some of the most creative and theatrical that we’ve ever seen. More than any of our other children, they love to put on dances, skits, and shows. You’ll be sure to catch the girls singing and dancing in the evenings and might even catch some of the boys doing the same, if they aren’t out playing around on the central field or the basketball court.

The kids are divided into three houses on the property: the older boys have the house closest to the entrance, and the older girls have the house nearest the forest. Sandwiched in-between the two is the little boys and girls’ home, which is divided up into a few different rooms for age and gender separation.
Besides a playground and sports fields, you’ll often catch the kids just relaxing in rocking chairs on the wrap-around porch of the main building. They love to just hang out!

ORPHANetwork currently supports 25% of Arms of Love expenses.

Quick Facts

Director: Ewner Zuniga
Staff: 20
Number of Children: 35, ages 8 – 18
Location: Jinotepe

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