Goals for Our Children

We have developed “Seven Targets on the Wall” for the children who grow up in one of our partner orphanage homes:


  1. Follower of Christ – We believe a relationship with the Lord is pivotal to transforming a child’s life
  2. Speak Conversational English – Speaking conversational English opens many doors for employment
  3. Computer Literate (as appropriate) – Equipping our children with basic computer skills also enhances their opportunities for employment
  4. Education and Life Skills – A quality education and basic life skills serve as a foundation for our children to have a better quality of life.
  5. A Good Starter Job – We help students find entry level employment
  6. Actively Serve in a Local Church – Being part of a church body fosters spiritual development and helps to secure a life grounded in Christ. 
  7. Give Back to the Other Children in Need – By giving back to the children that are in the same situation they once were, we believe our children can help younger generations transform their lives.

We believe if we can successfully reach each of these targets in a child’s life before they reach an age of independence, then they will not repeat the cycle of poverty. In fact, we believe they will be key contributors to the transformation of Nicaragua.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.