Sponsorship FAQ’s

What is an Orphanage Home Partnership?

We serve around 360 RESCUED children through seven orphanages, or homes, across Nicaragua. We call them homes because the children are raised in a family environment with caregivers and staff that love the children as if they were their own. ORPHANetwork supports these ministries whom RESCUE children that have been abandoned, abused, socially orphaned or truly orphaned.

What does ORPHANetwork’s support look like?

We equip our partner homes to raise children to their God-given potential by creating new opportunities for life. These new opportunities are attained through Life Skills, Computers, English classes, Music programs, Job Training, and most importantly, exposure to a life lived with Jesus Christ. We also work to develop the leadership skills of the Orphanage Directors and Caregivers with quarterly training, capacity building workshops, and the annual Global Leadership Summit.

What is a Social Orphan?

The classic understanding of the term orphan defines children whose parents have died and have no extended family to adopt them. The circumstances behind Nicaragua’s orphans are two-fold. Either (1) their parents have abandoned them without explanation or intention of returning, or (2) they are social orphans, children whose parents are unable or unfit to raise them, due to financial, physical or emotional inability. Often times these parents place their children at the orphanages, desiring a better life for them than they are able to provide. Other times, the Nicaraguan social welfare organization, Mi Familia, removes the child from an unhealthy home situation.

Whatever the circumstances of each orphan’s history, ORPHANetwork’s partner homes are helping create a safer, healthier future for these children, guiding them away from the dangers of street life and into a healthy, uplifting setting of good nutrition, love and Christian education. Our vision is help break the cycle of poverty in these kids’ lives, giving them and the generations after them, better tomorrows.

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