Sponsorship Levels


For just $40/month, you can choose a child at your orphanage to pray for, write to and sponsor. This is a partial sponsorship. $40/month covers the cost of most of the child’s nourishment in an orphanage setting. Beyond this direct financial support, your prayers and encouragement will absolutely impact your child in life-changing ways. To make a difference in one of our orphanages through this program, please click HERE.


For $90/month, you can make a long-term commitment to pray for, write to, love, and financially support a child growing up without a family. $90 per month supports all of a child’s nutritional needs, and covers their education fully from school uniform to scholarship. Although it is not the full support level, we recognize that it is a big commitment. Please click HERE.

Full Support:

$300/month, We recognize that making a monthly commitment is a big step. We’ve broken down our sponsorships into two smaller levels so that you can connect with a child in a way that is both fulfilling, joyful, and financially responsible. However, ORPHANetwork commits to supporting our Nicaraguan children at whatever level they require. For most of our children, this is $300 per month. This is the true monthly cost of caring for a child in Nicaragua, covering food, education, shelter, the cost of parenting (caretakers) and all other costs associated with an orphanage. If you would like to fully support a child, sign up HERE.

Each child may be sponsored by three sponsors or up to $300 per month, which is considered full sponsorship. Therefore, the children in the directory may already have one or two sponsors but have not yet been fully sponsored. To learn which children are completely unsponsored, please contact our Child Sponsorship Director by clicking here.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.