15 Year Anniversary Investment

Fifteen years ago, God called ORPHANetwork to serve 85 orphaned children living at an orphanage called Casa Bernabe in Nicaragua.

As we approach 2015, we are now serving over 360 children with six orphanage partners, and through the local church, we are preventing almost 19,000 vulnerable children from becoming orphans.

Only God could have orchestrated such an amazing plan for His children. Only God could have hand selected the thousands of individuals in the US and Nicaragua that he would use to change the lives of his children.

Be a part of this movement of Faith by contributing to our 15th Anniversary Year.

By God’s Grace, we plan to expand into the region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua considered by the United Nations World Food Programme as the least “food secure.” All gifts given in honor of our 15th Anniversary will go to reaching more of the thousands of children who need our help. For $17 per child per month we can provide all of the Core Services highlighted in our Life Changing – Local Church Initiative page. So please consider the impact that you would like to make.

Donation suggestions:

One Child One Month = $17
One Child One Year = $204

A Community of 50 Children = $10,000
Consider inviting your friends and family to join you. Four families joining together for $2,500 each would create Hope and a Future for a Community.

A Community of 100 children = $20,000
The Math is simple – The Prompting is from the Lord!
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