Puerto Cabezas (Port)

The Casa Bernabe orphanage complex is located on Nicaragua’s East Coast in a small, impoverished port community. Verbo Church founded the orphanage, which is currently home to approximately over 100 orphaned and abandoned children ranging in age from 2 – 18, who are cared for by a staff of 30 people. Verbo Church started in Puerto Cabezas in 1982. The ministry opened its school in 1985 and built the first orphanage building in 1991. The property, which sits on three acres of land, was purchased in 1996. The church and orphanage were constructed in 1998, the school was built in 2000 and the discipleship house was built in 2005. Two beautiful new dormitories for the children, complete with kitchen and dining area, were completed in 2014.

Casa Bernabe in Port is ORPHANetwork’s largest orphanage partner. We support 70% of the operating expenses. In addition, Pastor Earl and Verbo Church lead our largest Local Church Initiative serving over 600 children daily, This makes Pastor Earl the largest partner we serve in Nicaraua.

Quick Facts

Director: Pastor Earl and Damaris Bowie
Staff : 30
Number of Children : 138, ages 1-18
Location : Puerto Cabezas

Support Opportunity

If you would like to become a part of ORPHANetwork’s mission at Puerto Cabezas, find the child you’d like to sponsor, and hover over the child’s picture to view the different levels of support.

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