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SMART Missions® – who should go?

Individuals from congregations whom are willing to offer their absolute best for the cause of Christ are the people needed on SMART Missions® tripsIf you are considering a serving trip within your church and can answer most, if not all, of the following questions with a “yes,” you should: begin with prayer, review our preparatory materials, and initiate a conversation with your church’s OPRHANetwork point person.

  • Do you listen well?
  • Are you equipped with a skillset that has been requested by our Nicaraguan partners?
  • Are you willing to do the preparatory work to educate yourself as much as possible?
  • Are you willing to build up local leaders through training and relationships?
  • Are you willing to pour your time, money, and gifts into the people you will serve – even if they are much different than yourself?
  • Are you willing to follow up and invest in our Nicaraguan partners even though there may not be the satisfaction of instant gratification?

Preparatory Work


ORPHANetwork’s Commitment to Trauma Informed Care

SMART Missions® Guide

When Helping Hurtsby Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert, and explore the principles of “When Helping Hurts” through their Small Group Experience Videos.

Think about how you would define the word poverty, then watch this video.

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