Serving Trips

SMART Missions® is our approach to missions and serving which accomplishes the following:

  1. Strengthens the vision and mission of the community being served by affirming and equipping the assets of the community rather than replacing or ignoring them.
  2. Leads to significant and tangible life changes in those who are sent to serve.
  3. Both sides (Nicaraguan partners and US partners) learn and have the opportunity to learn from and teach each other.
  4. Instills a mindset that learning is more important than doing.

How this is accomplished:

  1. When a trip is determined appropriate according to the vision of our Nicaraguan partners and how our US business and church partners can assist them in reaching this vision, serving trip participants are recruited for the specific goals of the trip. We also seek to have new trip participants join the group to expose them to our work and impact them with the realities of life in a developing country.
  2. By having the right combination of people on the trips who will go back and get others excited about the work, we help the US church keep missions in front of their congregation. Using multimedia throughout the year, the congregation learns about the strategic intent of their church and the community they are serving in Nicaragua, keeping people fired up and giving to the work.
  3. Serving Trip Participants are dedicated to both a pre-trip preparation and post trip process that will allow them to apply their experience to their daily life. The trip itself is not an “end” but just one component of SMART Missions®

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