Soles4Souls for Thousands of Feet

THANK YOU Soles4Soles!


To say many children walk a very long and difficult route to come to one of our 182 Local Church Initiatives (LCIs) each day, would be putting it lightly. For some children, the trek to the LCI may not be that far, but the ground may be littered with garbage. Many of these children lack shoes to protect their feet against debris and disease.

For the children in our partner orphanage homes, the need for shoes is crucial as well. The homes do not budget for shoes and clothing, and they rely solely on donations to fill this need.

We are so thankful that our partnership with Soles4Souls helps meet this important need for our children. Three years ago Soles4Souls provided over 300 pairs of shoes for our orphanage homes. Over the past two years their support has grown to provide over 44,000 pairs of shoes to serve each of our children!

Core Services & Community Outreach

An LCI utilizes holistic tools to empower Nicaraguan leaders to reach their communities for Christ. Our work with Soles4Souls has enabled ORPHANetwork to incorporate shoes into our core services at our LCIs. Each pastor is given enough shoes for each child at their LCI and also many additional pairs that they can use to reach out to other vulnerable children in the community. What’s so cool about providing core services like shoes to our partners is that it allows the Local Church to provide resources of hope and gives them an opportunity to share Jesus! Each year reliable partnerships such as ours with Soles4Souls, empower our Nicaraguan partners to bring more children and adults to a life with Christ and that’s what it’s all about!


1,000 school uniforms are on their way to Nicaragua through Clothes4Souls! The uniforms will serve our orphanage homes and some Local Church Initiatives.


Katie Beasley

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