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One Life at a Time

One Life at a Time connects sponsors to children in Nicaragua. We are excited for our partnership with YOU as we together change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nicaragua. Whether you are nourishing a child, sponsoring a home of children, or partnered with an individual child, the One Life at a Time program changes lives. Together, we affirm the dignity and worth of the children we serve, provide equal, unhindered access to opportunities for new life, and meet the children’s core emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual needs. As a sponsor, you are helping to raise the child into a hopeful, self-reliant, productive member of society, and effecting change generationally in Nicaragua. You are an advocate of children and their inherent rights.

ORPHANetwork’s One Life at a Time program has three different sponsorship options. We know that everyone has a different heart for the way they minister to children in need: different locations, different children, and different styles of support. We’d encourage you to take a look below at the three different sponsorship options, and prayerfully decide which one best fits your needs and heart for children. We foster a direct relationship between you and your sponsored child. There are three levels of sponsorship – at the $40 level, you are providing your child’s food each month. At the $90 level, you are providing your child’s food and education each month. And, at the full sponsorship level of $300 per month, you are providing your child’s food, education, shelter, caretakers, and all other associated costs.

These Children Are Waiting For Your Help

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