Support a Community

Imagine a family living on the edge: they might need their children to work to pay for their own food. They worry over their children’s health and nutrition constantly. They hate having to tell their children that there will be no dinner at night. By becoming a Community Supporter, you are stepping into these problems. Often, you are keeping vulnerable children with their families and off the streets, or out of an orphanage. Our programs serve communities ranging from 50-200 children.

A Community Sponsor provides one nourishing meal a day, health assessments, hygiene training, and often much more to an entire community. At many of our Local Church Initiative locations, children also receive things like a daily ‘Sunday School’ class, assistance with clothing and shoes, dental care, school supplies, afternoon tutoring, and other developmental needs. A Community Supporter is the basis for all of this, for just $17 per child per month.

Community Sponsors are a crucial part of our missional strategy to prevent vulnerable children from becoming abandoned. Throughout the year, you’ll receive email updates about children and families benefiting from your investment into their lives.

If interested in supporting a community, please contact Dick Anderson or Bob David.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.